Must haves for Bringing Home a Preemie

There are a few things that I just could not have lived without when we finally got to bring Lily home from the NICU after our 10 week stay. If you, or someone you know, are nearing the end of your stay, this list is for you!!

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  • A good car seat and stroller! We had the Eddie Bauer Alpine 4 Travel system in black and grey and LOVED it for a couple reasons! The infant seat is rated to 4lbs!! Lily was around 6lbs when we finally came home, but having one that could go down to 4lbs made us feel that much more secure. Plus, we had no idea how much she’d weigh when we took her home. On a side note, the basket of this stroller is AMAZING!!! It is the biggest I have found on any stroller.
Can’t you tell she loves it!
  • A great breast pump!! You likely already have one, unless you managed to get by with jut using the one in the hospital (if you’re NICU provided one). I was still supplementing Lily with some bottles when we came home. We also used the bottle to give her medications every night. So, I needed pumped milk! I had the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump. If you are going to pump, GET A DOUBLE, or you’ll be pumping forever!!!

  • An Angel Care Sound and Movement monitor. This monitor goes under the crib mattress and can detect if baby stops breathing (no movement). You’re not really supposed to, but I used it in our bassinet too. It had a hard surface bottom, so it worked. And it gave me peace of mind! I know a lot of people also like the Owlet Snuza Monitor as well. I went with the Angel Care because I have gotten longer usage out of it! Once baby can pull the Snuza off their diaper, it becomes a bit useless. I can use the Angel Care into toddler hood, if they snea out of bed, the alarm will go off!!
Because you can’t sleep like this all the time
  • I don’t know if I’d call this a must, must have; but a lot of the other NICU and preemies Momma’s I’ve talked to have liked having a baby scale at home. In the NICU, babies are often weighed before and after feeds to see how much (approximately) they’ve taken in. I can really see how this would be a comfort at home, knowing your baby is getting food even if they aren’t gaining weight in leaps and bounds. Again, it gives peace of mind.