Octopuses for Preemies

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We all know skin to skin, the smell and sound of mommy and even white noise like a heart beat can make baby feel safer once they reach the outside world. Recently, they have done research that discovered that tentacles of crochet octopuses for preemies made babies feel safer as well. They reminded the baby of the umbilical cord they played with in the womb. A group in Denmark, Spruttegruppen, started a group that started making these octopuses and sending them to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) all over their country.

Their idea has spread! There are approximately 31 countries participating in this amazing cause now. When these octopuses are donated to NICU’s, it’s highly recommended to go to the Facebook group for that country to ensure the octopus is made up to standard. These are sick little babies after all, so some care and precaution definitely needs to be taken. I know when Lily was in the NICU I didn’t want to put anything in her bed with her, so if I was going to, I’d want to know if was safe first! (you can read about Lily’s story here)

Here’s a list of all the Octopus for a Preemie project countries and their websites. The pattern is actually really easy. I can usually make one in a couple hours (I like to crochet while watching hockey with my husband and I can finish one in a game and a half!)

This little guy went to a good friend’s baby

I love crocheting, so I started making these little guys for friends and family who were having little ones. Then I started getting orders from people! I’ve donated to babies in the NICU, and I’ve been able to sell them too. They aren’t just great for preemies, they’re good for any newborn and toddlers love them as well. I made 2 for my daughters for their Easter baskets and they were so excited! You can take a look at my Facebook page LilyMags & Co for more information.




You can find more similar patters here at Craftsy.

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