Christmas Crochet Projects

I was a little last minute with my Christmas crochet projects this year. Who am I kidding? I’m a little last minute every Year!! I’ve been working steadily on 4 projects since the beginning of December and finally finished them all on December 19. Too bad two of them were being sent to Ontario! They’ll be getting New Years presents instead of Christmas gifts this year!

Christmas Crochet Project 1: Cozy Crochet Blanket

Blue and grey cozy Christmas Crochet blanket project

This one is for my Dad! I’ve actually been working on it for a while now. I think originally I was going to give it to him for Fathers Day, then for his birthday in September. Well, it’s done for Christmas! Since my Dad is now wheelchair bound and it’s gotten colder out, I thought a lap blanket would be a great present for him. It’ll keep him nice and warm during these winter months!

Christmas Crochet Project 2: Penguin Toque

Crocheted Penguin Toque

Yes, I’m Canadian, I call it a toque!! My sister in law is obsessed with penguins, so I made her this adorable toque! As usual, I didn’t really follow a pattern, but got my inspiration from Pinterest and Craftsy . I found a simple Penguin hat pattern and then just kind of did my own thing. I should really write down how I do things and start making my own crochet patterns!!

Also, don’t I have the cutest model?!?

Christmas Crochet Project 3: Scarf

Grey and Blue stripped scarf

This one is for my brother in law. It’s a trendy navy blue and grey skinny scarf. I didn’t follow a pattern at all on this one, just whipped it up out of my head. Super simple double crochets across, 2 rows of each colour. Then I added the fringe on the ends once it was the width I wanted.

Christmas Crochet Project 4: Teacher Gifts

Christmas crochet project, teachers gift. 2 crochet cup cozies.

I had a hard time deciding what to get Lily’s preschool teachers for Christmas. I had an idea, but because I wait until the last minute, there wouldn’t have been time for shipping it here. So finally I decided on a coffee gift card and cup cozies! I got some reusable cups to go with it too. I liked the snowflakes for winter/Christmas time.

I do love making Christmas crochet projects. Maybe next year I’ll remember to start earlier because I always end up causing more stress for myself, but maybe that’s half the fun of it!

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