Blind Spots by Tim Riddle & Fil Anderson ~ Book Review

Blind Spots ~ What you Don’t See Can Hurt You by Tim Riddle & Fil Anderson

Have you ever been in a car accident? I remember one specific time that didn’t turn into an accident, but it was close. As I was driving on the highway, I went to go to change lanes. I checked my mirrors and shoulder checked, but there was someone in my blind spot. I couldn’t see the car, so I proceeded to move over. Luckily, they noticed and laid on their horn. Accident avoided, but it shook me up a little bit. I had been diligent in looking, but there was that one blind spot I just could not see. This is what Tim Riddle and Fil Anderson’s book, Blind Spots ~ What You Don’t See can Hurt You, looks at in our lives and walk with Christ.

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In this book, Tim & Fil talk about how we have blind spots in our lives along the way in our journey with Christ and other Christians. Through true vulnerability and openness, as well as some humour, they walk us through different types of blind spots we may have and how we may discover them and address them. If we don’t know it’s there, how can we address or fix the problems.

Book cover of Blind Spots ~ What You Can't See Can Hurt You by Tim Riddle and Fil Anderson

I really love how honest these two are. The book is so relatable and that makes it easy to follow and read. And it’s challenging! Sometimes we’re happy with our blind spots. Ignorance is bliss, right? If we don’t know about it or know it’s there, then we don’t have to deal with it. But, eventually it will come to light, it’s easier to deal with a blind spot ourselves than to have it pointed out to us by someone else. If someone else points it out, especially when unsolicited, we can really put up our defenses.

But, how about asking for feed back? How about asking those we love and trust to point out our biggest flaws or struggles for us? Thinking of this terrifies me! I don’t think I actually want to know. But, like I said before, ignorance is bliss.

You can purchase Blind Spots ~What You Don’t See Can Hurt You, through this link at New Growth Press: I highly recommend it as we all try to walk this journey with honesty and integrity.

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