Hey Everyone!
I’m Caroline, spelled CaroLINE, pronounce CaroLYN. I blame my parents for this one! I am a mother of 2 sweet girls and wife of 1 amazing hubby! My oldest daughter gave us quite a surprise in October of 2014 when she decided to join us 11 weeks early. We spent the next 69 days in the NICU watching this tiny little miracle grow.

Since then, I’ve kept in touch with the preemie community. One day I came across an article about these crochet octopuses being given to preemies to mimic the umbilical cord. I thought how how cool it would have been for our little Lily to have one of these when she was born. Then I thought, our almost full term baby, Maggie (36 weeker), would have loved one too even if she was only 3 weeks early.

So, I started making these octopuses as a hobby and gifting them to friends and family. Then people started putting in requests for them. And now here I am, selling them online and starting a blog!

I love learning and connecting with people, not small talk (I suck at small talk), but really connecting. For fun, I like to camp, read, crochet and go for walks with my dog. But, I’m first and foremost a wife and mommy and I love being around my family more than anything!

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