6 Things I Learned Fasting

I’ve been doing a new wellness program called The Wellness Revelation (more on that in another post!) The other week was about bondage and how we are often slaves to our food. We don’t eat to fuel, we eat to try to fill a void. Anyway, we were challenged to fast. I’ve never done an actual fast before and I didn’t think I was going to do one this time either. I just thought “I don’t feel called to this.” Well, I was wrong. Throughout the week, many signs pointed to me fasting. Here are the 6 things I learned Fasting.

So, I decided to go ahead and do it and see what God wanted to show me! It seems fitting seeing as I’ve been working through writing my devotional on the book of Esther. The first few chapters of the book are full of praying and fasting. **Sign up here to get on the list to receive your very own copy of my 5 Day Esther Devotional for FREE**

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Things I learned while fasting

1. It’s hard to do with kids! I wasn’t eating, but my kids still had to eat! They aren’t quite old enough to fend for themselves. Smelling their food was so tempting! I almost caved a couple times. The chicken nuggets they had for lunch smelled so good! I almost gave in and broke my fast to eat one, but God helped me resist temptation.

2. I realized how much I eat just because I think I “deserve” it. A cookie here, sure I earned it doing all that laundry. I went for a walk today, I can have those chips! Or I made it through another day and the girls are safely in bed, I’d love some chocolate, thank you!

I almost ate that chicken nugget because it had been a long morning with sick kids spent at the walk in clinic. I earned that nugget. Often, I use food as a reward for myself.

3. I am blessed to be tempted by food. One thing the book said about fasting was to consider those in developing countries who have no food. They don’t know where their next meal is coming from. As I smelled those delicious nuggets, I realized just how lucky I am to be tempted to eat the food. So many people don’t have food to be tempted by!

4. I prayed, a lot. Not just for the strength to not eat the nugget, but also for people and situations around me. I prayed for my kids while they were eating breakfast and I was sipping water and tea. I prayed for the poor as I realized how lucky we are to have so much food. When I was tempted to eat something, my mind would shift to God and why I was fasting and prompt me to have a conversation with him. It was really nice.

6 Things I Learned Fasting- praying in sunset

5. I am able to resist temptation. Sure giving in would have been easier, but I am able to say no. Before, I would be craving and just say “oh what the heck, I can just eat it!” Those add up and I didn’t even realize how much I was eating in a day. Now that I know I went a whole day saying “No,” I know I can say no to even the small things everyday. It might seem like a small thing, but for me, it was a big thing to work through.

6. At the end of the day I really thought I’d be stuffing my face with food because I was so hungry. But I didn’t. I was hungry, but not like I thought I would be. I learned that it really is Christ who sustains me and not food. Food is good and necessary to fuel our bodies, but it is Christ who gives us real life!

If you’ve ever thought of fasting, I challenge you to give it a try. I really did feel dependent and very close to God that day. Pray about it and if God puts it on your heart, don’t be afraid to try it. If you do, let me know how it went and what you learned! I’d love to hear it!!

6 Things I learned Fasting

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19 thoughts on “6 Things I Learned Fasting

  1. So much of what you learned about fasting have been my takeaways as well. Especially the last one, how it calls you to prayer. Every time I feel that pang of hunger, or my well-programmed body realizes it’s time for a meal, it’s my opportunity to pray. An encouraging article. Thank you!

  2. Lovely article. I’m particularly drawn to fasting and think it’s about time for me to do another one. I think I’ll pray on this to decide when to bring another fast my way. 🙂

      1. Fasting as a mama can be tricky, but I find I begin to crave the fast after I’ve been consistently fasting each month. I find it reenergizes and revitalizes me. I’d be interested to hear how your next fast goes

  3. I’m doing Revelation Wellness too! I love it! I have been doing 12 hour intermittent fasts for a while so I decided to fast from something. My something is less than 50 carbs a day. I was shocked to see how quickly they add up!

    However, I did it for the week and it really helped me detox from sugar too! I love our workouts and I have really upped my water intake too! It is hard when everyone was eating ice-cream or chips, but God kept reminding me I am worth more than the price of those junk foods.

    I didn’t want to sell out for a half cup of ice-cream and a handful of chips. I also learned more intimacy with God because it drew me closer to His heart and the ability to listen and know His voice. Many Blessings to you and may God honor your sacrifice and obedience. You are His daughter!

    1. Oh awesome! I’ll be honest, I haven’t been keeping up well with the workouts, but my eating habits have changed drastically. I feel better and I’ve lost like 7lbs too (not that I focus on that, but it’s still nice to see!)

  4. Good for you for trying fasting! I did it before. For me it was important to prepare mentally first of all. When you know why you are doing this it’s much more easy. There are health benefits associated with fasting, so you did a good job for your body as well 🙂

  5. When fasting, were you drinking only water and tea? Also do you recommend fasting on a routine weekday or on a laid back weekend? I am torn because I think having a full day may distract from wanting to eat, but then I worry I may be low on energy. However, if I fast on a laid back day I will likely be more tempted, but could rest as needed.

    1. I did drink water and tea still. I struggled with when to do it as well, but I decided to do it on a “regular” day. Part of that was trusting God would help me through it even on a busy day. And He did!

  6. Was your fast for 24 hours? I didn’t catch the length. I liked your takeaways. A few years back, our friend shared that when he fasts, he buys a baguette and eats that when hunger pangs strike. I really liked that idea. I get very weak when I don’t eat, but taking a morsel of bread lifts the hunger, and reminds me of the Bread of Life. Thanks for this informative post!

    1. I didn’t do a full 24 hours. I did from after supper the first day to supper time the next day. So, almost 24 hours, probably more like 20 hours.

  7. I’ve been feeling led to start fasting and in fact, God has been putting this in front of me a lot this week. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. It’s helped me to see not only the important of this, but also that I can do it!

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