5 things I learned from my Mom

5 Things I learned from my Mom

Happy Mother’s Day month to all the fellow Momma’s out there; Especially my mom and mother in law if they’re reading this! Now, I’m sure we can all say we learned a thing or two from our Moms; so in honour of Mother’s Day this month, I’m sharing 5 things I learned from my Mom.

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1. My faith ~ My parents (including my mom) have been so faithful in bringing us up in a Christian home. I’m not a Christian just because my parents are Christian; I made that decision myself. But I am thankful that the love of God was instilled in me at an early age. I know she has prayed for each one of us kids every single night. I’m pretty sure she still does.

5 things I learned from my Mom- chocolate chips cookies

2. The BEST Chocolate Chip cookies! ~ My Moms father was a baker, a number of my uncles have been bakers and my Mom has always baked. Our house often smelled of cookies, cakes or bread. I don’t know if it’s a family recipe, but I have never found a better recipe for chocolate chip cookies than the one she makes!

3. Organization, banking & taxes ~ Seriously, my mom is THE most organized person you will ever meet! Her house is always tidy and everything has a spot to be. Unfortunately, I have no inherited all the organization skills from my mother. I know how to run a good family calendar because of her (as she used to say “if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening”) and my kitchen cupboards are fairly organized because of her!

I also remember my mom spending hours in the evenings going through and balancing their bank books. She did it all by hand back then, no apps to keep track of everything back then like we use now. I don’t know if they had a specific budget, but I’m sure they did! I know things were tight, and she definitely knew where every penny was going. And taxes, my mom still helps me with my taxes! She worked at H&R Block for years and then did taxes from home for quite a few more years. Every year at this time I head on over to her place to get her help in doing my taxes!

4. Love for the Outdoors ~ My mom had us spend a lot of times outdoors growing up. Sometimes she probably sent us outside to play just to get out of her hair! We went on yearly camping trips all over BC and Alberta. I have so many memories of swimming and playing around in the campgrounds. Those are some of my favourite times from when we were younger! We also went on a lot of hikes, walks, trips to the lake etc. We spent a lot of time outdoors and I still like doing the same with my kids now. I hope to pass on the same love of the outdoors on to them. I wouldn’t say she’s the best navigator though, she got us majorly lost at Campbell River Park one time!

5. For better or for Worse, in Sickness and in Health ~ My mom has shown me what love and marriage really means. My Dad has been sick for a number of years. Last year, it got to be too much for my mom to care for him at home. He now lives in a care home in Abbotsford. Even though he is deteriorating both mentally and physically, my mom is still there every single day. She sits with him, has tea with him, shows him pictures and takes him out on walks. She has shown me what unconditional love is. She’s shown it to us as her children, and she continues to demonstrate it to as she stays by my Dad’s side in his sickness.

So, there it is! 5 things I learned from my Mom! I know I could write a much longer list! I’ve kept it at 5 so you’re not reading this blog post forever! What are somethings that you’ve learned from your Mother?

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9 thoughts on “5 things I learned from my Mom

  1. Your mom sounds like an amazing mom and such an inspiring example!! I love how you remember the times you spent outdoors as a kid. My mom also took me and my sister on hikes. I want to do the same with my daughter this summer.

    1. I’m on the west coast of Canada and we’ve had such gorgeous weather here lately! It’s been fabulous getting outside

    1. I wish I got all her organization genes passed on. Unfortunately I only have a few…

  2. What a gift you were given in your mom! The value of a mother who demonstrates living faith in Christ is immeasurable. “More precious than rubies.” Your words honor her in a beautiful way, Caroline.

  3. Great post! I wish I had learned more things from my mom! We often lived a distance from eachother from the time I was 19 so I didn’t get the chance to really lean on her knowledge. And she was a talented woman! Thank you for sharing with us!!

    1. Even when I lived a distance from my mom, we were always close. I am truly blessed by her.

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