30 Fun Facts About Me!!

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I’ve been at this blog thing for about a month now! You guys have been a lot of fun so far! Now it’s time for you guys to get to know me a bit more!! For my first 30 days, here are 30 fun facts about me!

  1.  I am the youngest of 4 (2 sisters and 1 brother)
    30 Fun Facts about Me- My siblings and I
    My siblings and I
  2. My pinkie fingers are extremely short for some reason, they barely come up to the first knuckle on my ring finger (finding gloves is a pain!!!) My sister broke the one on my right hand when I was in grade 6 (we were playing basketball, she grabbed my pinkie, I twisted to get away) so it’s even shorter.
  3. I hate feet… detest them. Keep them far away from me. You know I really love my husband after I had to check out his feet for a medical issue he was having with them. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!
  4. I have sold with 2 Multi-level marketing companies in the past. Steeped Tea Canada and Keep Collective. I’m not much of a sales person, but I enjoyed aspects of each of them. Usually, I end up spending more than I make though, so not too sure how good of a business plan that is!
    30 Fun Facts about Me- My favourite Keep Collective bracelet
    One of my favourite Keep Collective looks
  5. My parents were both conceived in the Netherlands, but only one of them was born there! My Mom’s family immigrated to Canada while my Oma was pregnant with her.
  6. My favourite tea is Earl Grey. I’m a bit of a snob though, I only drink loose leaf tea at home. Tea bags are for emergencies only. There really is a difference to the taste!
  7. My favourite colour to wear is grey (boring, I know)
  8. My favourite colour is green
  9. From 2003-2013 I moved 8 times, I wasn’t in the same place for more than 2 years anywhere
  10. I have traveled to Mexico (twice on Mission trips), the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy and the Dominican Republic
  11. I love airports… I could spend hours there just watching people
  12. I am a HUGE Vancouver Canucks fan (I was not part of either the 1994 or 2011 riots… those were not fans, they were idiots!) Go Canucks Go!!
  13. I have a 10 year old Yorkie-poo named Winnie. She barks too much and has terrible teeth, but I still love her!
    30 Fun Facts about Me- my puppy Winnie
    My puppy Winnie
  14. My oldest daughter’s due date (December 31, 2014) and my youngest daughter’s birth date (January 2, 2016) are only 1 year and 2 days apart (because of premature births, they are actually 14 months apart)
  15. I met my husband online through Plenty of Fish
  16. I read the Bible and believe what it says to be true. Jesus is the Son of God and died on the cross in our place so we can have a relationship with God. He paid our debt (I have this Bible, but in a smaller version. It fits well in my purse and is easy to take anywhere)
  17. I have a total of 22 Aunts and Uncles. That’s my parents immediate siblings, most of them are married too. Some have unfortunately passed on now, but my Mom is from a family of 11 and my Dad from a family of 13
  18. We like camping in the summer. My family gave us a Coleman 6 person Instant Tent for our engagement gift and it has seriously changed camping for us. My memories of camping when I was little involve a lot of arguing about setting up the tent or tent trailer and taking it down at the end. This tent makes it a breeze and I feel like we get to spend a lot more time relaxing and enjoying camping rather than setting up and taking down
  19. Some of my favourite books include My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult, The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini and I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
  20. I like to read books before they come out as movies. 9 times out of 10, the book is way better
  21. 2 of my closest friends I met when I was 7 years old (we’re now 36)
    30 Fun Facts about Me- with my friend Jill
    My friend Jill
    30 Fun Facts about Me- with my friend Sandra
    My friend Sandra
  22. Both of my daughters were born prematurely. Lily was born at 29 weeks gestation and Maggie at 36 weeks.
  23. When I was in high school I could eat an entire bag of Bits and Bites by myself. Our youth group leaders used to get one bag for me and another for everyone else to share.
  24. I played basketball and was a high jumper in track and field all through high school. I qualified for the provincials in both sports when I was in grade 11. Unfortunately, the date of the track and field provincials happened to be the same day my second oldest sister got married. I had to miss it.
  25. I have a certificate in Fitness and Exercise Management, a certificate in Biblical Studies and am a Registered Pharmacy Technician. I’ve done a lot of different jobs so far.
  26. I worked at Cultus Lake Water Park for 3 summers as Water Safety staff while I was in school. That was probably one of my favourite jobs ever (the sandal, short and t-shirt tan was horrible though!)
  27. I love crocheting and have a Facebook page connected with my blog for my crocheting! Check it out here. Craftsy has some fantastic online classes if interested in learning about crocheting. You can find them here.
    30 Fun facts about Me- grey crochet octopus
    Crochet Octopus for Preemies
  28. I’ve been robbed twice while working as a Pharmacy Technician (thank goodness for time delayed safes now!)
  29. I consider myself a Daddy’s little girl
  30. I live with anxiety, mostly social, and depression. I have come through a lot and I say I live with it now because I am living again!

So, there you have it! 30 Fun Facts about me!! What are some fun facts about you? Something not everyone knows about you?

Sick Toddlers 101

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Yesterday I had the “fun” job of being Mommy to a sick little girl. I got puked on 4 times, did 3 loads of laundry (there’s another one waiting to be done in the bath tub, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet) and enjoyed some serious snuggles. There is nothing worse than seeing one of your little ones sick. You just want to take all the hurt and grossness on yourself so they can feel better. But, unfortunately it happens and we Mommy’s get to deal with it! So, here we go with Sick Toddler 101! Here are some tips to help get through these not so pleasant times.

My poor little sicko

1. Have your medicine cabinet stocked!! I had to run and take Maggie with me to the drug store yesterday just to pick up a few things. The whole time I was there I was thinking “please, don’t throw up!” Thankfully, she didn’t; but if I had already had those things at home, we wouldn’t have had a problem. Here are some things I like to keep handy.

  • Pedialyte Popsicles: don’t even bother with the liquid. It’s disgusting… I tasted it. It’s like sweetened salt and vinegar water. I don’t blame kids for not drinking it. Stick to the popsicles, I find kids tolerate them a lot better. These are great for keeping them hydrated even while throwing up or having diarrhea.
  • Kids Gravol: I prefer the liquid because I know my kids won’t take anything else. I also don’t mind the side effect of drowsiness, because it helps them sleep.
  • Children’s Acetaminophen (Tylenol): Great for bringing down fevers! We have a history of bleeding disorders in our family, so I tend not to keep (Ibuprofen) Advil products in the house (they act as a blood thinner). My kids love the grape flavour! When Lily was younger, she used to tell me she had ouchy teeth just so she could get some Tylenol!
  • Benadryl: Again, I use the liquid, but either works really. I know this isn’t really for throwing up, but I always keep some on hand just in case of any allergic reaction. My nephew has a severe nut allergy, and you just don’t know what kids are allergic to these days; medication, bee stings… the list goes on. It’s a good thing to have on hand!

2. Lots of toast and saltine crackers! Anything that’s easy on the stomach to eat. My husband decided to give Maggie some KFC chicken for supper last night… she threw it up all over ME about 1/2 an hour later! Stick to bland foods!!

3. Be prepared to be puked on and do lots of laundry. It’s inevitably going to happen. I didn’t even really get dressed yesterday. I knew I’d be thrown up on. Like I said, I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday and another one is waiting to go. It sucks, but it’s only for a short time (hopefully!!)

Laundry, laundry, laundry

4. Bath time: After Maggie threw up all over me one time yesterday afternoon, I just stripped us both down and jumped in the tub. We got all washed up and playing with the toys in the bath was the happiest I saw her all day.

Bath time

5. Netflix and snuggles: They’re tired… when I’m sick I know I just want to veg and watch TV. We generally don’t watch a ton of TV, but when they just want to snuggle I’ll throw on a show for them. My kids personal favourite right now is Paw Patrol!

6. Put a towel over their bed sheet!: I thought I was pretty genius thinking of this one last night! It only took me changing Maggie’s bed 3 times in the middle of the night!! I took a towel and I tucked it in over her bed sheet where she usually has her head. This way, when she threw up, I only had to take the towel off to be washed instead of stripping the whole bed! Genius, right?!?

What are some things you do to survive when you have sick kids?

Typical NICU day~ A day in the life of a NICU Momma

I know everyone’s experience in the NICU is very different, but I wanted to share what a typical day looked like for us. These were the days when Lily didn’t have any specialist appointments or procedures scheduled. We were very thankful to live only about 5 minutes from the hospital she was at so we could get there quickly if needed. I was also able to go home at night and get a somewhat decent sleep (other than getting up every 3 hours to pump! Not fun!!) So, here’s what a day normally looked like:

8-9am ~ Arrive at hospital to be in time for rounds. Some days rounds would take forever, depending where they decided to start on the ward and how many really sick babies there were in the NICU at the time. New babies would also take a bit longer. So some days rounds were right at 9, other days they wouldn’t get to us until the afternoon. I would miss rounds some days, but I really tried my best to be there so I could hear first hand what the plans etc. were for Lily. I liked to be able to talk to the Doctors. They were really good at explaining treatments and care plans to us. The nurses were also great for translating some things into plain English!! (I learned a lot of new medical terminology during our hospital stay! Ask me what Periventricular Leukomalacia is)


8am ~ Change Lily’s diaper/take her temp/feed/pump/cuddle time!! I’d cuddle with Lily for as long as possible. Usually a few hours. This was my happy place <3

Snuggling my little princess

11am ~ Repeat!

12pm ~ Lunch time. I’d go have lunch at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Surrey Memorial Hospital most days. That place was a God send!! It was so nice to chat with other parents who were there. We could all relate to what the other families were going through! It was a nice little “break” from the hospital. I’ve been so blessed to have maintained friendships with some of the parents I met there.

1pm ~ Run home to walk the dog. Do a few things at home, mostly getting the nursery ready! Or shop for Christmas presents (Lily was born in October, but in the hospital until December ~ here’s her story) The odd day I’d get in a nap, but that didn’t happen often. I would usually miss the 2pm feeding time for Lily, but the nurses would always take care of that. They either did the tube feed when she still had her NG (nasogastric- tube from nose to stomach) tube in or give her a bottle when she was able to take oral feeds. Even when I started breast feeding, Lily would take a bottle, so that was kind of nice. Especially when we got home and my husband could take some feeds!

3pm ~ Hubby, Pete, would get home from work and shower quickly.

4pm ~ We’d usually get back to the hospital around 4pm. Pete would often get his cuddle time in then. He worked super early, so he found if he waited until after supper to have his cuddles, he’d be so tired he didn’t enjoy it as much.

5pm ~ Change Lily’s diaper/take her temp/feed/pump. Pete would go to Ronald McDonald house and get our dinner ready. I am so thankful for a husband who cooks and so grateful for all the people who provided us with meals while Lily was in the hospital. We had a steady stream of meals from friends, family and our church. It was so great to have one less thing to think of.

6pm ~ Eat dinner. We’d usually try to be back in Lily’s room around 7pm

8pm ~ Change Lily’s diaper/take her temp/feed/pump. Quite often I would cuddle Lily again for a while.

9pm ~ Head for home. 4am wake up comes early for Pete!

So, I was usually at the hospital for over 12 hours. Once Lily started breast feeding on demand I stayed overnight in her room at the hospital (all the rooms in our NICU were private), there was a couch that pulled out into a bed. It was actually decently comfortable too! I did that for probably the last 3 weeks before she came home.

I thought that being in the hospital I would have all this free time, like I’d be able to crochet and read. People would bring me magazines, but I hardly got around to touching them. Seriously, living on a 3 hour feeding schedule, plus having to pump after each feed, I had very little free time! A whole feeding/pumping session would take over an hour. Then we had to do it again 2 hours later! I got so used to this schedule, it’s like I did it in my sleep some days (and I probably did some days I was so tired!)